Visit to the Museum

I always desired to visit the Indian Museum located in my city since I had heard that it is one of the best in the country. On a school holiday, I asked my father to take me and my friends for a visit to the museum and he readily agreed.

The Indian Museum is quite large and so we were given maps right at the entrance which showed us the location of the different rooms. As we moved from one room to another, I was thrilled to see different kinds of artifacts that were displayed. Each of these objects had a short note which mentioned the date and the place from where they were collected. Of all the rooms, the one which drew my full attention was the one which contained the mummy. The room was filled with all kinds of objects excavated from the great historical place, Egypt.

One of the rooms displayed the paintings and handicrafts of many famous personalities including the great Rabindranath Tagore. My friend and I were shocked to see the huge skeleton of a dinosaur. We had only read about it in books. A room on the second floor housed specimens of different kinds of birds, including the migratory birds which are not found in our country. My father insisted that we visit the room which contained the old weapons used by Indian warriors. They were of different shapes and sizes and included swords, knives and armours. In various other halls articles such as potteries, statues and jewelry were displayed that were dug out from buried towns.

We had a wonderful experience visiting the Museum since it is indeed a storehouse of knowledge. It felt as if the past had come alive in front of our eyes.

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