About Arked

Arked Infotech is a web based company providing educational services mainly to cater to the needs of school children. It covers a wide range of academic resources in tune with school syllabi.

Our main focus is to inculcate the true spirit of education among students, to bridge the gap between technology and tradition, augment education standards, and assist students improve and excel in classroom performance. In this endeavour we have created portals for innovative thinking in writing Essays, Compositions, Comprehension, English Literature - Questions & Answers, Summaries, etc. We have come up with fresh methods of learning English Grammar in a very inspired way. Projects, Image gallery, Charts and Work Sheets are also there to assist the students.


Our primary objective is to provide students an online platform with a host of educational resources and contents based on interactive study methods. We believe this would help them stand out academically. It is our aim to help students obtain relevant information, access resources easily and minimize their search time. Thus allowing them extra time to pursue other hobbies and games which are an equally important part of all round development.

Our mission is to integrate modern platforms of technology with traditional tutoring system and thus enhance students' learning skill to improve and excel in classroom performance.

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