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Teachers build the nation. They are the pillars of the society and the country at large. They enrich the students and take them forward at every transitional stage of development. They are the most influential and revered strength that can inspire children and lead them to their calling.

This website is designed to facilitate teachers in their endeavour to pass on knowledge. While they enrich the students, we strive to attempt to support the teachers further by offering a pool of curriculum related resources. We believe presumably this can ease their workload and simultaneously make teaching more effective, interactive, interesting and joyful.

It is our aim to offer a better tomorrow to our children with the help of their teachers. It is also our objective to reduce the burden of teachers. Together let us bring back the smile to glum faces, allow them some time to play and relax and above all - live in a child-friendly-teacher-receptive world.

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In order to minimize the teachers' workload we humbly offer these solutions:
1. Question bank
2. Model answers (may be edited as per requirement)
3. Work sheets
4. Project topics
5. Debate topics
6. English  essays / compositions
7. Bengali Essay / compositions
8. Articles on several categories
9. E-books

In order to encourage writing of fiction and poetry we have established 2 new sections which you may see and encourage your students to participate:
1. Fiction / Short Stories
2. Poetry / Poems

We welcome their valued suggestion, observation, interpretation and understanding earned over the years through real time experience and dedication.
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