An e-book is a digital format of a printed book which can be downloaded onto your personal computer, laptop, desktop, tablet, smart phone, ipad etc. An e-book contains information and images on relevant topics just as in a printed book. The only difference being many printed books and reading materials can be downloaded stored and carried in a small portable device instead of carrying the bulk printed materials. All your reading material is just a click away.

Some additional information to clear concept on e-books:

  • e-books are portable; you can carry and store hundreds of e-books in your computer, laptop, smart phone, PDA, tablet, ipad etc.

  • e-books take up much less space; unlike printed books you don't need a library or a room to store your books.

  • e-books can be read and accessed just about anywhere: bus, train, car, flight or while on a vacation.

  • e-books can be printed after downloading the same at home/office computers where you have a printer.

  • students spend a lot of time on the computer; so why not read e-books on several categories and get access to syllabus oriented content!

  • e-books offered on this website are designed on an academic platform and is according to school syllabus and curriculum.

  • e-books available on this website are free and can be downloaded easily and instantly by clicking on the e-book that you want to download and which is enlisted on "Links to e-book topics". This opens the relevant e-book online. Then click on "save" icon to download the e-book onto your computer.

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