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Advertise with Us - Live Example of any Essay Page on this website

Technical Features of Advertisement Image files to be given by advertisers

This is a LIVE example page of how you can put your advertisement in different positions of any essay page on this website.

The advertisement examples / sizes are mentioned at the required position. You can choose any or more than one option.

This is the material you will have to provide as Advertisement matter.

Image file (single) in the size mentioned for the position you choose.
The image file should be EITHER of the following: <> .JPEG / .JPG <> .GIF <> Animated GIF is permitted.

Size should be EXACT in pixels for the position chosen. Do not provide larger or smaller size image file.
Advertisement Image file should be OPTIMISED FOR WEB <> Kilobyte size should be between 100 Kb (kilobytes) to 200 Kb (kilobytes) in proportion to the size chosen.
You are FREE to choose the color and matter of your advertisement.
Your advertisement can be linked to your website / website page / blog if you provide the link.
Period the advertisement will be displayed will be based on the contract we have with you.

We regret we cannot accept .SWF / Flash files or other format movie files of any kind other than what is stated here-above.

Arked Educational Services retain the right to REFUSE displaying an advertisement if the matter does not adhere to our guidelines for size in pixel, weight in Kilobytes, matter/content that is displayed therein and the LINK to which the advertisement is connected.

Advertising in Home Page: Please view the home page for live position examples.

You may contact us for further information on procedure and terms & conditions.
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