Seventh-Day Adventist Senior Secondary School, Kolkata

36 Park Street, Kolkata 700016, West Bengal, India
Phone 033 2290-2008
Board: ICSE / ISC (science and commerce)


Arise and Shine

Seventh-Day Adventist Senior Secondary School is one of over 630 schools operated by Seventh-Day Adventist Organization in India. It is a member of World Organization of Seventh-Day Adventist with over 6000 institutions under it.


It is an English medium school for boys and girls, offering ICSE (Indian Council of Secondary Education, Delhi) and ISC (Indian School Certificate, Delhi) in Commerce and Science Streams. It caters to students from classes KG1-12 with Bengali or Hindi as second language.


Discipline students to behave in a gentlemanly/ladylike manner with due honour to school.
Help students to form acceptable behaviour and habit patterns.
Encourage all to speak in English.
Inculcate a sense of personal hygiene and cleanliness.


Eligibility: children who complete 4 years in June are eligible for admission to KG1.
Application forms available from Principal’s office after 2nd week of November.
Note: there is a written and oral test. Date and time of interview cannot be changed.
Class 11 admission is on the basis of result.

# Offer children a well-balanced programme for personal developments.
# Develop the ability to find and use information and materials independently.
# Develop emotional stability through pleasant relationships in class.
# Develop the ability to read with understanding and spell correctly.
# Solve problems through use of skills in arithmetic.
# Speak and write more effectively.
# Help to grow up as an asset to the country.

  • School building with spacious classrooms fitted with comfortable desks and blackboard
  • Ample playground area for children
  • Dedicated teachers
  • Personal attention to every child by Staff
  • Library
  • Science labs
  • Computer lab
  • CCTV surveillance
  • Annual Sports
  • Teachers’ Day
  • Gandhi Jayanti
  • Independence Day
  • Republic Day
  • Indian Medical Educational Welfare Service Day
  • Open House Sessions for Parents and Teachers
  • Pathfinder / Youth activities
  • School Picnic
  • Spiritual emphasis week
  • Temperance Emphasis Day (health and value)

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Seventh-Day Adventist Senior Secondary School
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