Sacred Heart Primary School, Kharagpur

(A unit of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Calcutta)
6th Avenue, Kharagpur, Paschim Mednipur, West Bengal 721 301, India
School Office: 03222 255606




Sacred Heart Primary School , a Christian (Catholic) Minority Institution, is a co-educational school from KG 1 to class 4. Medium of instruction is English with Hindi/Bengali as Second Language from class 1. Curriculum includes Religious Instructions for Christians, Moral Science for non-Christians and Value Education for all as compulsory subjects.
The school reserves the right to make alterations in fees. Every year tuition fees are raised by 10-15%. Academic year begins in April..


# Spread education among children irrespective of caste, creed or community
# Make students from all social backgrounds even the most deprived feel welcome
# Foster all round growth and development spiritually intellectually and physically
# Guide them in the development of a sound value system
# Inculcate in them a deep love and appreciation for their culture and country
# Create an atmosphere to reflect on their life, within their own cultural milieu, and develop in knowledge, skills and wisdom
# Impart education characterized by thoroughness, high principles and freedom
# Help them grow with a sense of responsibility, self reliance, and human maturity
# Find meaning and purpose in their lives
# Inspire to live and work to build a just and fraternal society
# Trained to be concerned for others
# Set before them the idea of service and be aware of others' needs
# Encourage to make sacrifices when necessary, to share what they have with the less privileged
# Instill a sense of community cooperation


# demonstrate an increasing sense of self discipline with age
# exercise the freedom given to them responsibly
# treat all staff members and adults with respect and politeness
# show gentleness and courtesy to companions
# refinement of manners, uprightness, self restraint
# good manners and polite behaviour


# Applications for admission on prescribed form generally accepted in March
# KG-I admission test in October
# KG-II to class 4 admission tests in December
# School starts at 7.45am
# Saturday usually the weekly holiday but first Saturday a class-day

# Strive to be persons of depth and character
# Respect of self and others
# Learn to give without counting the cost
# Strive for academic excellence as per ones given talents
# Grow in wisdom and strength
# Learn to accept love and grievances
# Take pride in being a boy or girl child
# Aim to become a fitting member of society, nation and world at large
# Be simple, humble and loving
# Never despise and disown the poor, downtrodden and marginalized
# Practice self-discipline and work whole heartedly
# Persevere in times of trials and difficulties and never give up

# All Souls' Day
# Children's Day
# Concert
# Feast of St John Mary Vianney
# Independence Day celebration
# May Day Celebrations
# Rabindra Jayanti
# Sharing Party
# Teachers' Day
# Workers Day Celebrations

Co-curricular activities
  • Art Talent development
  • Debate / Drama / Elocution / Quiz
  • Educational tours
  • Fancy Dress
  • Games / Physical training
  • Occasional live-ins
  • Social service
Challenges through healthy contests
  • Craft
  • Debate
  • Handwriting
  • Quiz
  • Solo Singing
  • Tables

  • Airy classrooms
  • Computers
  • Library
  • Playground

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Sacred Heart Primary School, Kharagpur

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