Rivers in the Rainy Season

The monsoon rain is believed to be a blessing as well as a curse. When the rain comes down in sufficient quantity, it is a blessing for us after the scorching heat of summer. It is a blessing for the farmers too because the crops grow in abundance. After the dry summer spell the rivers fill up. There is no worry of dried up riverbeds. The flow of water in the rivers is steady. The streams feeding the rivers ripple down happily. It is said, the peacock, the national bird of India, shows its appreciation by dancing during monsoon, though I have not yet seen it.

When the rain is torrential the river water spills over on all sides. The river overflows and the water level of dams along the rivers cross danger level. In order to save the dams, excess water is released. This makes matters worse and causes great trouble to everyone. All the surrounding areas and farmlands get more flooded. The roads and national highways are inundated. The farmers are not happy as their crops are destroyed in the flood. The strong current washes away any thing that comes in its way. In the process many lives are lost, as everyone cannot battle such strong currents. They are washed away and their bodies float down the rivers. Vehicles, animals and houses get washed away too in the raging river. The heavy rains in the highland regions cause soil erosion. The rain water gushes down bringing with it all the top soil and plants. This makes the river water very muddy. Sometimes big trees are uprooted and they too flow down the river.

So we always hope for moderate but sufficient rainfall so that the rivers in the rainy season remain manageable.

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