Night at a Friend's Place

Last week my friend, Manoj invited me to his birthday party. He also requested me to stay back at his place after the party. I agreed to this as my parents too allowed me.

On the day of my friend's birthday my father dropped me at his house. I packed my night clothes along with me. I reached his place by 6 p.m. in the evening. As I reached I saw my other friends had already gathered there for the party. We wasted no time and got together to cut the cake.

After the party all the other friends went back. Manoj's mother served dinner for us. She cooked vegetable pasta and chili chicken for dinner. The food was really yummy! My friend's father, grandparents and sister joined us too.

After dinner Manoj took me to his room so that I could change my clothes and relax. Then he switched on his play station game and we played video game for almost an hour. While we were at it, his mother brought two glasses of milk for us. It was really sweet of her. Lying in bed we chatted for some time and then went off to sleep.

Next morning his mother woke us up for breakfast. After which, his father dropped me home on his way to office. Before leaving I thanked my friend and his family for the love and care they had showered upon me. I really enjoyed the party and especially spending the night at my friend's house.

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