My Dream House

Once I had a dream of a dream house. It was so beautiful you cannot think about it! It was painted with many colours blue, green, red, pink, yellow etc. It had a chocolate road and beside that road there was a park. In the park there was a swing, a slide, a climbing frame, a tree house and a swimming pool. Inside the house there was a table made with vanilla flavour and it was laid with delicacies. I licked my lips as it was looking tasty but I could not bite into it because it was a dream and if I opened my eyes, my dream would break. So I continued to see my dream. Then in another room, there was a bed made with ice-cream cones. It was a delightful dream. But after some time I woke up and my dream broke. This is the story of my dream house. Wish I could rewind that dream once again.

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