Morning Walk

Morning walk is one of the best exercises we can carry out to stay fit and healthy. Most doctors advise people to go for jogging, running or walking every morning. Every weekend I go for a walk in the morning with my father. This is not possible on weekdays, as I have to leave early for school.

For our walk we wear sports shoes and comfortable tracksuits. We go to a nearby park in our locality for our walk. It is altogether a different feeling to go for a walk early in the morning. The sun is less intense and the air is sweet-smelling and fresh. We see many people at the park. Some are exercising; some are jogging while some just gather for an early morning laughter exercise.

We tend to share a very close bond because during our walk we speak about various topics. My father advises me on different matters during these conversations. We generally go for a walk for almost an hour. When I get tired we sit down and rest a while. After few minutes we resume our walk.

Morning walk enables us to remain energetic and fresh for the remaining day. It really gives us a good start for the day. I love these walks with my father. Wish my mother would also join us sometimes, but she never comes.

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