Modern Day Technology in our lives

Technology has always made a difference in the lives of human beings. From the time when machines were invented till date, technology has impacted our lives tremendously. The onslaught of technology on our everyday lives began with the industrial revolution, and is only there to continue. More so today technology has turned the world into a global village, where most things happen with the click of a button. Well, this is the age of computers, micro chips, cloud computing, simulation, robotics, laptops, tablets, smart phones, digital cameras, LED television sets, ipod, trendy cars etc. that has eased and dramatized our lives in several many ways.

A few years ago, we were still seen noting important numbers in our telephone diaries. But, the advent of the mobile phone changed it all. Today nobody needs to remember or note down anything. The device does it all for you. 'The telegraphic mode of communication' which was an important means of communication came to an end after the Second World War. The system was replaced digital communication systems based on computer technology. In a similar manner 'the typewriter' met its end with the advent of computers. The era of writing letters has also changed forever because of high speed internet today. Once can send an EMAIL or SMS at the click of a button. There isn't any requirement to write anymore. If anything has become personal, it is the 'personal computer'. This is the era of computers, laptops, tablets and smart phones, cloud computing and the internet. With the help of the internet you can now connect to your loved and dear ones located at the remotest corner of the world.

Today, family life of the modern man and woman has undergone a sea change. Several new types of modern appliances such the washing machine, microwave, induction cooker, LED television sets, dish washer, mixer grinders etc. have invaded the modern day home. As a result everything seems to be ready made. The personal touch is lost in oblivion. Patience, which is a virtue seems to be 'Greek and Latin' to the modern generation. Here everything happens with a click of the button. Children are not so interested in playing outdoor games. What interests them more is the simulated games that they can play sitting in front of the computer or spending hours on social media interactive web sites where they are seen chatting for hours together.

In case of academics and education, traditional pattern of study with books is undergoing a sea change. Today, we observe students studying online, sharing study material and resources online that was not at possible some years ago. The medium is no more traditional books; but tablets, laptops and smart phones. Schools are becoming digitalized and are seeing the advent of 'smart boards' and 'smart classrooms'. New subjects such as 'Robotics' have made a great impact on the student fraternity.

If we talk of the entertainment industry, we see a transformation. Before music was played and recorded on gramophones and records. Few years down the line saw the birth of the radio and tape recorder; and today there is the ipod, mp3 and mp4 music players. You can just connect to the internet via your smart phone and listen to music of your choice. Just click on 'download' and your favourite song is available on your computer, tablet, laptop, mobile phone etc. Cinema used to be black and white and watching a film in a cinema was considered luxury. But today, one can watch a film on the computer, tablet or laptop in full colour and HD (high definition) without having to move out of the house. Cinema halls are now replaced with multiplexes that run more than one film simultaneously. The sound systems of today are breathtaking with the new age technology. You are spoilt for choice when it comes to the television, where a variety of TV networks offer the consumer more than five hundred channels to choose from compared to a few that were are available few years ago. Now you can watch television twenty four - seven. Photography is no more limited to a camera with films and professionals. Today, with the help of the digital camera anyone can click an unlimited number of digital photographs that can be stored on digital media such as CDs, DVDs, pen drives and computers.

The work culture has changed tremendously on account of modern day technology. The standard nine to five job has disappeared. Due to strong and powerful internet networks, employees are now expected to work round the clock. People are even working from home just with a laptop and an internet connection. You are not required to go to a standard office. Everything seems to work online today. People don't seem to personally interact today. They prefer to communicate over email or phone. Thus personal time and interaction has lost its eminence today. Today one does not need to queue up at a bank teller and wait to withdraw and deposit money. You can do the same at any time with the help of the ATM or internet banking systems. You can also transfer from one end of the world to another with the click of a button today with the help of internet platforms.

Travel systems have become enhanced with the advent of trendy and modern buses, cars, trains and aircraft. One can move around the world as if he is moving within a global village. Modern defence systems have only encouraged countries to fortify their frontiers and prove themselves strongest amongst their contemporaries.

Today, technology does everything for you. Life seems to be moving very fast in terms of technological advance. Technology has opened up a world of digital avenues for us. We should be thankful for the gifts technology has given us and use it for progress and to our advantage to make our lives easier and better.

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