Independence Day

Independence Day is celebrated on 15th day of August every year in India to commemorate the day India gained freedom from the British Rule in the year 1947. This day is celebrated with great pomp and honour throughout the country. Citizens of India pay homage to the freedom fighters and great leaders who sacrificed their lives for gaining independence from the "British Raj".

Independence Day is a national holiday. Offices remain closed except those that deal in emergency services. Though it is a holiday, schools and colleges across the country conduct solemn flag hoisting ceremony that usually concludes with teachers and students singing the national anthem.

Some schools, colleges, institutions and universities organize cultural events as well. A great celebration is organized in Delhi at Rajpath. The Prime minister gives a patriotic speech and honour all those who have sacrificed their lives for making India independent. Several patriotic movies, songs and programmes are broadcast over the television to instill a sense of patriotism. Discussions are held on several news channels regarding the struggle and contribution of our freedom fighters to the country.

Jawaharlal Nehru became the first Indian Prime Minister in 1947 and raised the flag for the country at Lahore Gate of Red Fort, Delhi. He gave one of the most inspiring speeches ever. He announced the message of an Independent India at midnight 1947. From then on, all the Prime Ministers celebrate Independence Day with the march past, flag hoisting ceremony, and speech. Other people celebrate this day raising the national flag at home and office and watching cultural programmes. Some youngsters organize football or cricket matches on this day.

India is a diverse country having people from different religion, caste, creed and culture. Yet Independence Day unites them all as 'Indians'. The young and the old all celebrate Independence Day with great Joy. On this day we, as Indians, feel proud of our country and take a vow to always remain patriotic towards our Motherland India.

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