Holiday at Anshi National Park Karnataka

Describe a holiday well spent and the things you learnt during this trip

Last October during the puja vacation we went to the Anshi National Park. It is situated in the Western Ghats on the Karwar-Londa highway in the Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka. Our cousins also joined us and we made a group of twelve so that we could fill two jeeps.

We boarded the Yaswantpur Express from Howrah Station and reached Bangalore the day after. From there we boarded another train to Dharwad, the closest railway station to the Anshi National Park. Then we rented a car and went to Dandeli. There is no accommodation available inside the park except for some trekkers, so we checked into a hotel closeby in Dandeli. That evening we booked the entry tickets and two jeeps to visit the park for next two days.

The entry timings were 6:00 to 8:30 am and 4:00 - 6:00 pm so the two days that we were there we set out early morning and evening in the hired jeep for Anshi National Park. This was my first forest trip so I was quite excited about the whole thing. The green surroundings enthralled me. There were so many types of trees which I had not seen before. My father told me they were tamarind, mulberry, teak, bamboo, silver oak, and blackboard trees.

On the first morning we sighted a pangolin, deer, some Indian bisons and two Malabar civets. We were lucky to spot some giant squirrels too. During our later visits we saw a sloth bear in the distance and some bonnet macaque. Since my uncle is a birdwatcher we used to stop the jeep during the morning sessions and picked up our binoculars to spot birds. This way we were able to see the ashy woodswallow, adjutant stork, blue-headed pitta, broad-billed roller, brahminy kite and the golden-backed woodpecker. I was lucky to catch a flying feather of one bird too.

On our last evening safari we had given up all hope of sighting the tigers and all of us were pretty sad and dejected. Low and behold, there right in front of our jeeps was the mother-tigress crossing the road with her three cubs! We all hushed into silence. We waited patiently until they disappeared into the thicket and then burst into glee and hugged each other in joy and ecstasy. The trip was a complete success, something to share back home.

We were eager to pack up. We came back home the same way. I will never forget the Bengal tiger and her three cubs in my life. It will always be a cause of sheer delight to me. I will always cherish this vacation.

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