A Gardener

Whenever we visit a garden or a park we tend to appreciate the beautiful flowers and the well maintained lush green grass there. We hardly spare a thought about the person who toiled so hard to prepare that beautiful park or the garden. A gardener, like most other people in our society, is always ignored and underrated by others.

A beautiful garden is all about good gardening. It is the result of someone's hard labour and toil for a long period of time. A gardener first prepares the ground by loosening the garden soil. After that he adds manure to the soil to make them fertile. Then he prepares the flower beds and sows the seeds in the soil. He cares for them night and day. He regularly waters them so that they soon grow into young seedlings. After a long wait, when the first petal or tiny leaf sprouts in the sapling, it fills his heart. The gardener toils hard to create beautiful gardens for us. These gardens are one of the main sources of fresh air and oxygen in our planet. Therefore, his contribution to our ecology and to the mankind is quite immense.

We children can learn many lessons from a gardener. Like him we always need to work hard without thinking about the result. Like him we can learn to exercise our patience, perseverance and modesty. We have a small garden in the house and our gardener takes care of it. I join him only on holidays and I enjoy working with him.

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