Deforestation Our Responsibility

When forests are leveled by cutting down all the trees and plants in a big way it is known as deforestation.  Forests help maintain the ecological balance of our environment. From the ancient times forests have been cut down for shelter, wood, fuel, food and practically for every other need.  In modern times it is done to fulfill man’s personal need or greed and also for industrial development. Ruthless destruction of forests has created a lot of imbalance in the global climate. People have become aware somewhat but are not yet ready to give up their greed for more and more wealth. We must remember when one tree is felled we must plant three more in its place, or may be elsewhere. We should plant three more in order to ensure that at least one would survive. That way we can help maintain the ecological and environmental balance of the earth. This would also help our future generation to breathe better. Most important is that we must be aware of our responsibilities and carry it forth.

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