April Fool's Day

Today I experienced a memorable incident in my life. It was so dangerous that it could probably cost me my life. I was enjoying my end-of-term vacation in my grandfather's house in a village. I was roaming about the paddy field when I suddenly saw something that gave me the shock of my life. Beside the vegetable stacks there was a snake-like creature lying unnoticed and glistening in the sun. I thought it must be a snake because of its coiled structure. I was so afraid that I froze with fear and literally became numb. I was so terrified that I ran to inform the village boys. When I came back it was still lying in the same way. Seeing it lying in the same way, I was less worried. I gathered courage and stooped down to pick it up with a stick, but it didn't move. When it was in my hand and I took a close look, I was confirmed that it was only a whiplash. Then I saw my friends laughing. I understood that it was their plan to fool me. It was the first day of April, the April Fool's Day. I hope I never face this kind of incident again that unnerved me so very much.

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