A Memorable Incident

Today was the most memorable incident of my life. It was apparently dangerous as well as funny. It probably would have cost me my life. It all began when I went for a short vacation to my grandfather's house in a village. The village was situated in the South twenty four parganas of West Bengal.

I loved going to my grandfather's house because of the calm and tranquil environment. The scenery and landscape is also very beautiful. There is a lot of greenery all around, especially the green fields where I love going to spend my time. I have a number of friends here as well. We have great fun together. One day an incident occurred in my life that I will never forget all my life!

I was walking through one of the fields when I noticed something lying curled on the ground at some distance. The texture, colour and physical features of the object seemed in all aspects to be a snake. Moreover, it was lying in my path. I felt myself getting nervous and afraid. I became white with fear! I stood still for a moment not knowing what to do. I was apprehensive that the snake would turn around and bite me. I slowly moved backwards and ran to call my grandfather and some elders. When I told them my story, they immediately came with me. To my surprise, the object or the so-called snake was still lying in the same position. It had not moved an inch.

My grandfather and some of the village elders went close to the object and suddenly there were loud peals of laughter. My grandfather heartily laughing told me that it was not a snake but a whiplash that was lying on the ground. He lifted it up and gave it to me. I took the whiplash in my hand and felt so stupid. Then I observed some of my friends having a hearty laugh. Later I learnt that my friends had planned to surprise me by keeping the whiplash on the field next to dusk. They had intended making me 'an April fool'. It was the 1st April 2012.

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