Walk on a Village Road

I feel very happy and thrilled when I walk along a village road. I live in a city so I do not get the chance to experience the freshness of a village. As compared to city and town roads, village roads are more beautiful and comfortable to walk on. Here in the village I get a chance to breathe clean, unpolluted air. The cool air of the village always comforts me a lot. Moreover, there are many trees and ponds alongside the village roads. There is greenery everywhere. The ponds on either side also bestow scenic beauty to the roads. The fishermen are seen spreading their nets on the pond water. Some of them are busy waiting for the fishes to be netted. All around colourful flowers blossom on the plants and the trees. Birds are seen perched on the branches of trees. The fields on either side of the road are covered with green paddy plants. It seems as if someone has spread green carpets along the roadside. Some farmers are seen sowing seeds in their fields and some are busy planting crops. Others are busy ploughing their fields. Far away, tractors and bullock carts are seen on the large fields. Then in some places I get to see water being pumped into the paddy fields from the nearby canals. While walking I also noticed some village women working on the paddy fields to lend a helping hand to their husbands. A little ahead of me, I saw some village children making a beeline to school. It was also quite nostalgic to see the cows pulling the hay carts. People were seen bathing or washing clothes in the ponds or just chatting along the road. There is a sense of tranquility all around. Believe me, it is really a rewarding experience to walk along a village road. It can really refresh one's mind and soul.

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