A visit to Puri

This summer my parents decided to go for a vacation to Puri. It was the 14th of May and the last day of school. I was really very excited about going to Puri, since I was going to a sea beach for the first time ever. It was even more exciting since my cousins were also joining us this time. I heard that Puri was a beautiful place and now I was actually going there. The beautiful sea beach, Chilka Lake and the world famous Jagannath Temple were among the major attractions we were looking forward to visit. Our train was scheduled at 8:00 pm and it was rush hour! Our bags were finally packed and we hurriedly set off for the station by car. We reached the station in time and by 7:40 pm located our seats and settled down. In a few minutes the train slowly moved out of the station and for me it was ecstasy.

I was delighted and so was my family including my cousins. We were all talking about our choicest places in Puri. Soon it was time for dinner and that was special too! My mother prepared some very tasty dishes and we all had a sumptuous meal that ended with some special sweets. We were carrying a few nice indoor games with us, which we played for some time. This included a game of chess of my cousin. I managed to win the game. After playing a few games we took our places for a good night's nap. The only thing we thought about is finding ourselves in Puri the next morning.
We were in Puri early next morning. A car was awaiting our arrival. The driver was very friendly and helpful. He loaded our luggage in the car and drove us to the hotel. We stayed at a beautiful guest house that was located very close to the sea beach. From the window we had a beautiful view of the sea and the beach. We were tired but also very excited! So, we decided to rest a while and then go for breakfast. The breakfast at the guest house seemed to be very tasty and appetizing.

After having breakfast we decided to take a walk to the sea beach. As soon as we reached the sea beach, I ran towards the water in sheer delight. This was the first time I was at a sea beach and I just threw myself in the water in excitement. So did my cousins. We played some games such as water polo and flying saucer and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. After a while we had some ice-cream and then returned to the guest house. We had a sumptuous lunch at the guest house and in the evening we went to the Park next to the hotel. I enjoyed myself there and while returning we had dinner at a hotel near the beach.

The next day after breakfast we set out early for the exotic Chilka Lake. It took sometime before we reached there. The scenery on the way to Chilka Lake was very beautiful and so were the surroundings of the lake itself. The climate was nice and pleasant and a cool breeze was blowing. We chose a spot next to the lake and settled down. We played games and had great fun. My mother gave us some tasty snacks, which added more flavour to our holiday. We spent the entire day at the lake and returned in the evening to the guest house. We were all tired by then and went to bed early that day.

The next day was even better, since my family had decided to visit the world famous Jagannath Temple. I had heard about the Jagannath Temple and now I was going there. We reached the temple in sometime where crowds of people were entering. We also entered the temple, which was very beautiful. The sculpture and art were just amazing. I enjoyed every bit of the visit. We had lunch at a hotel near the temple. On our way back we all had coconut water as well. It was a wonderful day for me and I really enjoyed myself.

Well, it was time to return to Kolkata. I had some great days of fun and enjoyment. I was sad that it was coming to an end. We checked out of the hotel and headed for the railway station at Puri. Our return train to Kolkata was at 8:30 pm. We got into the train and spent all the time talking about our holiday experience. I went to sleep in the train and when I woke up I was in Kolkata. My uncle came to receive us at the station and drove us home by car. I really enjoyed my holiday to Puri and had a wonderful summer vacation.

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