Visit to an Exhibition on Birds

Last Sunday, an exhibition on birds was held in our locality at Salt Lake. I visited the exhibition with my parents. The exhibition started from 11 a.m. in the morning. It was held in the Salt Lake Stadium.

One part of the ground was surrounded with barricade made of tin. The ground was decorated with colourful lights. Many stalls were set up for displaying the birds. These stalls were made with wooden frames. The main attraction of the exhibition was our Chief Minister. She came and cut the ribbon in the opening ceremony. There were many species of birds. Birds like sparrows, parrots, kakatua, pigeon and many more were kept there for display.

From the afternoon people crowded all over the stalls. Some of them were buying birds, some were only watching and some were busy bargaining with the bird sellers. It was quite exciting to see the reactions of the children in the fair. They were so thrilled that they were running all over the ground. They were very happy to see so many colourful birds together. It was very nice to see the talking parrot. A bird trainer was making the parrot talk. There were many food stalls. Different types of snacks were also sold at the fair. Children were mostly buying ice-creams and popcorns. Many people were seen carrying cages in their hands on their way home.

It was truly a nice exhibition to visit. It is becoming more and more popular every year. True we saw so many rare birds from close but I prefer to see them in their natural habitat. When I go for holidays with my parents we watch out for birds all around us.

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