Visit to an Art Exhibition

Art exhibition is basically the display of creative artistic works of one artist or a collective group of artists. Students of art visit these exhibitions to view art first hand. Such visits enrich their imagination. Some people visit such exhibitions for sheer amusement or just to pass time. But for the art students these exhibitions are a learning process. I happened to visit one such display in my city last year.

This visit to the art gallery was conducted by the art teachers of our school. We, the art students, decided to go on a Saturday. The place of the exhibition was situated in the centre of the city. The entrance to the hall was itself so artistically designed and the building was surrounded by beautiful rose gardens and fountains. This art exhibition was organised by the State Government to educate the general masses about the rich art and culture of Bengal that exists for centuries. The entry fee to the art hall was kept quite nominal to encourage more visitors and special discount was offered to the students.

Almost all kinds of paintings such as still-life, abstract and others were kept on display in the art exhibition. Besides the paintings and art works of Bengal, similar paintings of other countries were also kept on display. The Bengal art segment was housed on the ground floor and the arts and paintings of other places were organised on the first and second floor. The paintings ranged from the seasoned and world famous painters to amateur painters. A section was provided for displaying the paintings of current art students. As art students ourselves, we were quite inspired by the sheer imagination and quality of these amateur painters.

The detailed information about the paintings, such as painters' country of origin, theme of the paintings, ethnicity, etc. was provided as reference to the visitors. Our art teachers instructed us to precisely observe each and every work of art. They told us to jot down our perspectives and point of view about the art works in a notebook.

It was really a good learning and inspiring experience for us and our teachers as well. The information and our perspectives that we jotted down in our note books were kept safely in our bags for discussion in our next class. We returned enriched from the art exhibition in the evening.

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