A Village Fair

Fairs according to me, is the happiest joyful moment of everyone's life, and being a part of a village fair is even more exciting. Away from the noisy city life, pollution- free air and the smell of roasted corn, make one really feel like relaxing and getting caught up with the moment.

Normally a fair is organized in a village during a famous festival. They have a lot of makeshift stalls set up with a variety of items, like sweets, the famous mouth watering bondas and pakodas, toys, etc., all of which attract children, who in return plead with their parents to buy some for them. Some of the items do make most adults curious as to know what each item contains.

There are a lot of games for children, like the movable giant wheels, the merry-go-rounds, etc. They have the different traditional songs and dances, which are performed mostly under the night skies, beneath the beautiful stars. Thousands of people come from all over just to experience this kind of life. I love to visit such fairs.

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