Value of Travelling

From the dawn of civilization man has travelled from place to place primarily in search of food and shelter. He braved dangers and even death. But he was always impatient and moved on. Even when there was no transport Huentsang, Fahien and Marco Polo toured widely all over the world.

We are drawn to travelling for several reasons: for sightseeing, for bird watching, wildlife watching, for business, for educational tours, to visit our relatives or friends, and some of us go simply to gain knowledge about the world outside or just to be part of Mother Nature.

Travelling is a great teacher in real time. Whatever we study in history and geography is reaffirmed by travelling. We visit historical places and re-live history which then becomes a reality. The artist in us admires the art of various ages and the nature lover in us cherishes the picturesque beauty of mother earth.

Travelling widens our scope of learning and outlook to life. It increases our sense of awareness, perception, alertness, preparedness and most importantly, practically teaches us to be street-smart. As we travel across the country we meet people from various walks of life and from all parts of the country as well as the world at large. We are enriched by sharing our culture and knowledge. I think the most important thing we learn is to adapt and adjust. A true traveller develops a deep sense of fellow-feeling. We learn to overcome hardships. Sometimes we also become the joy or pride of others who do not ever like to step out of the house. Travelling gives us strength, both physical and moral and makes us resourceful and adventurous.

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