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The television is one of the most interesting scientific inventions. A Scottish scientist named John Logie Baird made the first successful attempt to invent what we call the television today. But the first complete electronic television was invented by Philo Farnsworth in 1927. The invention of the television revolutionized means of communication. Today, thanks to the television or TV the world has become a global village. Events and happenings in one part of the world can be viewed instantly with the help of the television at the press of a button.

The very first models of the television transmitted black and white images which were not very clear. But today with the help of modern science and technology the television transmits crystal clear colour and digital images. The television as it stands today is one of the most powerful instruments of information. It is also one of the most powerful advertisement media. A whole lot of programmes can be watched today with the help of a simple device called the "remote". The remote helps us to switch channels at the press of a button. Thus, sitting at the comfort of your homes and by switching channels you can view events and happenings across the globe instantly.

In this present era the television has impacted our lives greatly. It has become a part and parcel of our daily lives. Every house today perhaps has a television. As mentioned earlier, it is a very powerful medium of information and knowledge. From mere black and white images, today the present generation watches the television in high definition digital format that has excellent picture and sound quality. The television caters to a wide segment of people that ranges from the toddlers, to children, teenagers, students, working executives, scientists, doctors, engineers, businessmen, housewives, sportsmen, animal lovers etc. A whole lot of programmes are hosted on television channels that cater to every segment of society. Programmes related to education, economy, finance, environment, food, entertainment, sports, current affairs, animals, music, films and news. The television also helps in spreading education to the masses very effectively.

The television has helped greatly in informing the masses on inter cultural diversity and lifestyles. Today the average middle class person is aware about the life style patterns, culture and tradition of people living abroad. We have come to know of several cultures, tribes, people and their life styles on account of the TV. Several forms of sports and games are known today all across the globe thanks to the television. A good number of products catering to all segments of consumerism such as clothes and apparel, food, kitchenware, furniture, communications, music, electronics, medicine, movies and films etc. are advertised daily on the television.

If we move into the entertainment segment, the television caters to the young, old, male, female, child, student, housewife, working executive, businessman with a wide range of programmes, daily soaps, serials and interesting movies. Stardom and display of talent can be easily and effectively displayed with the help of the television. Several famous personalities be it in sports, business, reality shows, actors etc. are known to us because of the television. It is also one of the most dynamic and robust platforms for advertisement media and business growth in an economy.
Despite several very positive aspects, there are some negative aspects of the television as well that needs to be focused upon. In the present day the scenario where high definition television is the 'buzz' of the day, unlimited number of channels can be viewed without much restriction. This may not be very good for children who can get distracted especially at their study time. There are so many cartoons being transmitted today twenty four hours a day that children are getting distracted and addicted easily. This may in turn have a negative impact on their academics and studies. Secondly too much of watching television may be harmful for the eye. Apart from cartoons, students are now able to watch films continuously without restriction. This may create a negative impact on the students' mind. Filtration and monitoring on the type of programmes being transmitted on the television is the call of the day. The television as it stands today can become a source of distraction if not controlled properly with adequate guidance, especially for children and teenagers.

Thus, the television has its positive and negative sides, which are two opposite sides of the same coin. It all depends how one makes use of it. So, make use of the television to your advantage so that it becomes a source of information and knowledge and not a distraction!

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