The Sun

The sun is the largest object in our solar system. It is a burning ball of gas that consists of 70% percent of hydrogen gas. The sun is seen shining brightly in the sky. It rises in the east and sets in the west. It is commonly known as the morning star as well. It is around four and a half billion years old and is source of heat, energy and life on earth. The sun as seen from the earth seems to be very small because of its distance from the earth. It is roughly ninety-three million miles away from the earth. Without the sun life will cease to exist on earth. The life cycle on earth is directly and indirectly dependent on the sun.

The sun is stationed at the centre of the solar system and is stationary. The planets in our solar system including the earth move around the sun. This brings about day and night as well as change of seasons. These seasons are namely spring, summer, autumn and winter. The earth moves closer to the sun in the summer season making it very hot in summer. It becomes cold in winter as the earth moves away from the sun. The rays of sunlight reaches the far ends of the earth and its rays consist of seven colours. These seven colours become visible when we see a rainbow in the sky. Another interesting fact is that the moon actually reflects the light of the sun at night.

The sun does us much good. Without the sun and its light, life would not exist on the face of the earth. Sunlight is very essential for the growth of plant life, trees, crops, fruits and vegetables. These will not grow in the absence of sunlight. The rays of the sun are good for our health as well. It kills germs and diseases. Thus it is important to live in houses that have proper ventilation and sunlight. On account of its life sustaining capacity, the sun is also commonly referred to as 'Sun God' in Hindu mythology and religion. A recent development of trapping solar energy has become very popular. Solar energy is being used for heating, cooking and generating electricity as well.

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