The city that touched my Heart

Last winter vacation my parents decided to visit my cousins at Mumbai. I was happy to go to Mumbai as it was a good break and it would be a nice holiday as well. I would also be meeting my cousin sister Nisha. We reached Mumbai by train on 20th December 2013 and were received by my uncle. I had visited several cities across India. Every place that I visited had a beauty of its own; but the city of Mumbai really touched my heart.

The first day I rested as I was tired after the journey. The next day my uncle took us to the Juhu Beach, which was quite crowded with people, children and vendors. I was quite surprised to see the sun set at around 7:30 pm. It was still bright till then. While returning I noticed people who seemed to be always on the move. In the mornings I noticed people scurrying to office. Life always seemed busy in Mumbai. What struck me next was the 'dabba walas' who are famous for delivering food to offices across the city. It is an amazing system. I was also quite surprised at the crowded trains of the Suburban Railway System that is the city's lifeline. The life style and the culture of the city really amazed me. The decor of the city, its markets, malls all bore the mark of progress and development.

The city of Mumbai will always remain in my memories. The crowded market places, the transport system, the life style and culture will have a lasting impression on my mind. It is a city that made a difference and touched my heart.

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