St. Aloysius’ Orphanage & Day School Howrah

2 Mukhram Kanoria Road,
Howrah 700 101, West Bengal, India
School Office: 033 2641 2272
Board: ISCE


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St. Aloysius' Orphanage & Day School is a Catholic institution established and administered by the Catholic Archdiocese of Calcutta. It was established in 1894 under the rights and power granted to religious and linguistic minorities by the Constitution of India (Art. 29 & 30). The Catholic Archdiocese of Calcutta is the Founder Body of this institution.

The school is recognized by the Education Department of West Bengal, under the Anglo-Indian Board for Secondary Education, New Delhi. It prepares the boys for Indian Certificatecv of Secondary Education Examination (ICSE) of the Council with the following subjects English, Bengali/Hindi (2nd language) Mathematics, Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), Social Studies (Geography, History), Commercial Application and Computer Application. Bengali/Hindi is compulsory vernacular subject; Catechism is compulsory for all Catholic students and Moral Science for others. It is a boys' school and the medium of instruction is English.


Class KG: Application on prescribed form, duly filled in, normally accepted in month of September. There is no admission test for KG children.
Classes 1-8: taken against chance vacancies at the beginning of academic year.
Classes 9-10: No admission

The prime purpose is to impart education.
Permeate the atmosphere so that children of all religions feel welcome in the loving warmth.
Foster all-round growth and development of the students to their fullest potential - spiritually, intellectually and physically.
Guide all in the development of a sound value system.
Inculcate a deep sense of love and appreciation for their culture and country.
Create an atmosphere to reflect on their life and to develop knowledge, skill and wisdom.
Help to grow in responsibility, self-reliance and human maturity
Inspire to live and work to build a just and fraternal society.
Train to be concerned for others, to be aware of others needs and to make sacrifices when necessary to share what they have with the less privileged.
Instill a sense of community rather than a spirit of competition.

Kindle a keen sense of union among all pupils in school.
Encourage a greater effort in sports and academic achievements.
Develop a sense of belonging to the school and consequently a good spirit
Train in leadership and sense of responsibility.
Offer pupils role models who inspire them.

Dedicate whole hearted service to the future generation in the field of personal growth and development so that they become agents of change for a just and corruption free society,
Make students aware of their dignity
Develop intellectual/creative/aesthetic faculties,
Train them to make correct use of their judgment, will and affability,
Foster in them social awareness,
Prepare them for future career,
Develop a well-balanced personality
Groom them to be honest, efficient, skillful, responsible, successful and worthy citizens,

At the end of school tenure it is expected of an Aloysian to be morally upright, intellectually alert, patriotic and sensitive to the needs of others.

Each day I’ll do a golden deed / by helping those who are in need
My life on earth is but a span / and so I’ll do the best I can.
Life’s feeble sun is sinking low / a few more days and I must go To reap the deeds that I have done / where there will be no setting sun.
While moving down life’s weary road / I’ll try to live some time alone
I’ll try to live aright this day / make flowers bloom along the way.

Beyond Academics
  • All Souls' Day
  • Bengali New Year
  • Children's Day
  • Christmas celebrations
  • Dr B R Ambedkar Jayanti
  • Feast of St Aloysius, Patron Saint of the school
  • Gandhi Jayanti
  • Guru Nanak Birthday
  • Independence Day celebrations
  • Investiture ceremony
  • May Day celebrations
  • Netaji's Birthday
  • Principal's Day
  • Republic Day celebrations
  • School Fete / exhibitionv
  • Swami Vivekananda Birthday
  • Teachers' Day
Co-curricular Activities
  • Art / Craft / Commercial Art / Drawing / Computer
  • Dance / Folk dance / Debate / Dramatics / Elocution / Quiz
  • Singing / Western music / Eco-club / Yoga
  • Other co-curricular activities
  • Orientation / Symposia /Seminars
  • School Celebrations / Annual Day
  • Sports and games
  • Badminton / Table tennis
  • Basketball / Cricket / Football
  • Gymnastics / Karate
  • Special sports
  • Challenges through healthy contests
  • Archdiocesan inter school quiz / dance / debate / singing / sports

Discipline Code
  • Be honest and truthful
  • Respect all elders, love all equals and be kind to all
  • Love labour and be ready for any work
  • Respect school and personal property and take care of them
  • Be punctual and diligent
  • Be clean in thought, word and deed
  • Be just
  • Be kind to animals
  • Be cheerful
  • Do to others what you wish others do to you
Themes for Assembly
  • Ask not what your country can do for you; rather ask what you can do for your country
  • Child labour / Civilization ancient and modern
  • Disability is not inability / Degeneration of moral values
  • Education in India at all levels need revamping
  • Electronic gadgets – an addiction to the modern generation
  • Goodness over greatness / Great lines in literature
  • India in space age / Nuclear power resources in India / Space science
  • Indian railways / Indian wedding
  • It is the courage to continue that counts
  • Kindness matters / Preserve heritage / Maths is fun
  • Save the environment / Self help is the best help
  • Teenage - a time of stress and storm / Youth and their challenges
  • The commercialization of festivals has eroded their real significance
  • The unknown geniuses / Self-esteem
  • Themes for Bulletin Boards
  • The world I dream of
  • Farmers and their contribution in nation building
  • Respect for women and elderly / Great women of India
  • Teachers are second parents

  • Airy classrooms
  • Lending library
  • Computer lab
  • Science labs
  • Parent-Teacher meeting
  • Teachers' orientation
  • Two Staff rooms

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St. Aloysius’ Orphanage & Day School Howrah
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