St. Agnes School, Kharagpur

6th Avenue, Kharagpur 721 301, West Bengal, India
Phone 03222 255410 / 255099 / 94342 08372
Board: ICSE / ISC


Enlighten Empower Excel / Rooted in God Transform Lives


St. Agnes School, Kharagpur, a Catholic school open to all, is an English medium school for girls, (nursery to class 12) run by Sisters of Apostolic Carmel.
Medium of instruction is English with Bengali/Hindi as compulsory 2nd language. Classes 5-8 have Hindi/Bengali as 3rd language.


Remain a vibrant and creative institution for young minds of all faiths, status and religions
Deepen knowledge
Nurture ethical and religious values
Develop personalities to contribute to Nation Building as good citizens
Contribute to society as good human beings


Be creative in teaching and instruction
Provide on-going formation to teaching staff in new teaching methodologies
Help students to reason and process information
Celebrate various festivals, culture and customs of the country
Instill in students love and care for the earth and conservation of natural resources
Inspire in students love for the country
Inculcate a consciousness for ethical, moral and religious values
Create opportunities to exhibit and develop talents
Conduct training programmes to develop personality
Be a guide and counselor all through their life


Spread education among children irrespective of caste, creed or community
Foster all round growth and development spiritually, intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically
Guide them in the development of a sound value system
Inculcate in them a deep love and appreciation for their culture and country
Impart education characterized by thoroughness, high principles and freedom
Help them grow with a sense of responsibility, self reliance, and human maturity
Find meaning and purpose in life
Inspire to live and work to build a just and fraternal society
Trained to be concerned for others
Set before them the idea of service and be aware of others' needs
Encourage to make sacrifices when necessary, to share what they have with the less privileged
Instill a sense of community spirit than a spirit of competition

Parents' contribution sought by way of :
Taking practice at time of Annual Day / competition / Costume / Make up
Children's Day / Teachers' Day programme
Coaching in sports / Teaching craft
Financial help / Technical help
Help in substituting when teacher is absent
Medical check-up (general/dental/eye)
Sponsoring prizes for competition / sports day
Training in classical/folk dance/singing
Training in public speaking
Any other

We pray for golden peace all over the land
May all dwell in liberty walking hand in hand.
Banish fear and ignorance, hunger, thirst and pain
Banish hate and poverty; let no one live in vain.
Keep all forever one, one in love and grace
Wipe away all war and strife, give freedom to each race.


Notice for admission to Nursery displayed on school notice board by September
Existing students of Nursery to KG 2 must apply for re-admission to class 1
School hours
Nursery : 8.30-11.45 am KG 1-2: 7.55am-12.30pm Classes 1-12: 7.25am-1.30pm
Academic year begins in April.

Minimum 85% required for promotion to next class

Subjects offered ICSE/ISC
History & Political Science
Physics & Chemistry

All Souls Day / Annual Retreat for Catholics
B R Ambedkar birthday / Gandhi Jayanti / Guru Nanak Jayanti
Carmel Feast / Carmel Treasure Retreat
Children's Day / Teachers' Day
Christmas programme / Class picnic
Farewell to ISC students
Feast of St Agnes celebration
Field day for Supportive Staff (Sports club)
Foundation of Apostolic Carmel in Indian soil
Independence Day / Republic Day flag hoisting
International Nurses' Day / International Youth Day
Nativity of Mother Mary
Tribute to Rabindranath Tagore
Value Education celebration
Workers' day celebration / World Ozone Day

Challenges through healthy contests:
Athletic events / badminton / basketball / cricket
Chess championship
Friendly Football match
School Annual Sports
Creative writing / Drawing / painting
Elocution / Extempore speech / Panel discussion
Live Crib / Turn coat debate / Quiz
Instrumental music
Self composed songs
Solo dance / singing

Co-curricular activities
  • Art Talent development
  • Art / Dance / Music / Singing
  • Educational tours
  • Games and sports / Karate / Physical exercise / Yoga
  • General knowledge / Service learning
  • SUPW (socially useful productive work)
Extracurricular activities
  • Bharat Scouts and Guides
  • Carmel Blossoms
  • Leadership Training Service (LTS)
  • Literary club / Science club / Sports club
  • SPICE (spread peace, improve and conserve environment)

  • Extracurricular activities
  • 2 audio visual rooms / 2 computer labs / 2 libraries
  • Conference room
  • English Language lab / Mathematics lab / Science labs (Phy Chem Bio)
  • Music room / Fashion designing

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St. Agnes School, Kharagpur

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