My First Day at School

My name is Immanuel and now I am in class 4 but still remember when I was admitted to school.

I was five years when I was going to be taken to school. My mother taught me how to talk and write in English. It was a new and unknown place to me. I was scared and excited at the same time. My father told me how to make friends, why I should listen to the teachers, where I should and should not go. When I understood all this I was not scared any more.

When I went to school the next day it was full of strangers. I went to my class for the first time. My teacher told me to make new friends. By the fifth period I found my new best friend. His name was Sherven Gomes. Even now if I forget anything he would share with me or remind me.

It was break time. My teacher told me to eat my tiffin and I did not know what tiffin was. So I asked my teacher and she told me that the food my mother packed for me was called tiffin. I shared my food with the other children.

Soon the bell rang and everybody was going home. I also went home with my parents. I can never forget this day.

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