If you had the power to change any two things, what would you change and why?

Change is progress. Without change life becomes stagnant. Change is necessary for the growth and development of our society. When we look around, there is much to change; but everything cannot be changed at once. Thus, if I had the power to change any two things in the world, it would be changing violence into peace and prevent global warming.

Violence has caused extensive damage to society at large. Violence in the society exists in different forms today such as wars and terrorism. Terrorism and wars have taken the lives of many innocent children and citizens of the country. Proof of this sort of violence can be seen in the world wars in the past, the Kargil war and the war between Iraq and USA. In these wars thousands of innocent people including women and children have lost their lives.

Thus I would like to change the minds of the leaders and resort to peaceful ways and traits to get rid of violence and promote peace. Many innocent lives would get saved and the world would be a better place to live in.

The next raging problem is global warming. Natural calamities are on the rise. This is causing damage in the form of natural disasters such as earthquakes, Tsunami and flash floods. Weather and climate are changing fast and proper steps need to be taken to curb activities that cause global warming. I would take stern steps to prevent global warming by enforcing laws and policies that would promote eco-friendly devices and appliances.

Thus, by being a peacemaker and by preventing global warming the world would certainly be a better place to live in.

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