People Who Help In Cleaning Our Environment

A clean and pollution free environment is essential for our survival in this planet. As human beings we seem to pay less heed to this fact and have immensely contributed in various ways in destroying the very environment in which we live in. If we continue to pollute our environment then very soon our earth will become unsuitable for living. So therefore, we need to stop polluting our environment and take necessary steps to cleanse it. This is where the importance of the people who help in cleaning our environment, is felt quite greatly.

Land pollution, air pollution, water pollution and noise pollution are major types of environment pollution. Use of heavy machineries, cutting down of trees, etc. has contributed greatly to land pollution. Emissions from factories, aero planes and automobiles, burning of garbage and waste products, etc. have contributed to air pollution. Oil spilling from ships, mixing of the harmful industrial chemicals and solvents with adjoining water bodies, washing, bathing and excreting in the water bodies has contributed to water pollution. Noises from heavy machineries, vehicles, loudspeakers, etc. have contributed to noise pollution.

To save our planet from dying we need to stop polluting our environment and start cleaning it. Governments in different countries have undertaken large scale projects to cleanse the environment. Several Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), students, private companies and even individuals have come forward in their own ways to support the governments in this regard.

The NGOs along with the support from the government agencies and private companies have helped in curtailing the environmental pollution and in cleaning our environment. By putting up banners and organising events related to environmental issues at different places, the NGOs, to some extent, have succeeded in creating awareness among the general masses about saving our environment. Students organise events where they clean up the streets around their schools and colleges to promote cleanliness among the people. Different companies have come up with environmental friendly cars and machineries that use green energy for their functioning and not pollute the environment. Apart from people, scavenging birds and animals also clean our environment.

The sweepers and the rag pickers are the most important people who help in cleaning our environment. Many a times we address them as 'kachrawalas' or scavengers. However, in reality it is not them, but we should call ourselves 'kachrawalas', as we are the ones who are the dirtying the environment by throwing waste and urinating on the streets, spitting on the walls of buildings and in various other ways. The sweepers and the rag pickers only clean the messes that are left behind by us.

So let us stop misusing our resources and curbing the environment according to our greed, need and comfort. Let us not leave the important task of cleaning our environment with our governments and few responsible individuals and organisations. Let us step forward and share the responsibility. It is our responsibility to keep the environment safe for the next generation!!

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