Our National Flag

Every country has its own national flag. We also have our own national flag. It looks very beautiful. Our flag has three colours. These are saffron, white and deep green. The saffron is at the top, the white is in the middle and the green is at the bottom. There is a chakra in the centre of the flag. It is called 'Ashoke Chakra'. The saffron is the symbol of courage and sacrifice, white is the symbol of truth and peace and the green stands for faith, energy and courtesy. Ashoke Chakra is the symbol of progress and growth. We hoist our national flag on 15th August the Independence Day, 26th January the Republic Day and 23rd January, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose's birthday. Our Prime Minister and President salute our flag. The national anthem is sung. We love and honour our national flag.

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