Corbett National Park - Uttarakhand

Corbett National Park is situated in Ramnagar in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand. It is India's first national park to get incorporated under the Project Tiger plan. It is the country's oldest national park.

Brief History
The park was first created in 1936 and was named Hailey National Park after Governor Hailey. After independence its name was changed to National Park. In 1957 it was finally re-christened as Corbett National Park, after James E. Corbett, a famous naturalist and conservationist, who spent most of his life in the region and also helped in establishing the park.

The Bengal tigers are the main attraction of the park. Other important mammals of the park include the leopard cat, Indian elephants, Himalayan black bears, sambar deer, chital, hog deer, Indian grey mongoose, yellow-throated martens, Himalayan goral, Rhesus macaques, etc. The park is also home to around seven species of amphibians, 33 species of reptiles and seven fish species.

The important Avian-fauna species of this park include blossom-headed parakeet, crested serpent eagle, red jungle fowl, Nightjars, owls, etc.

Almost 70% of the park is covered with dense moist deciduous forest and includes trees such as rohini, mango, pipal, sal and haldu. Grasslands cover around 10% of the remaining forest area.

How to get there
The Ramnagar town is the only gateway to the Corbett Tiger Reserve. The town is well connected with New Delhi, Lucknow, Kanpur, Bareilly, Haridwar, Nainital, Ranikhet, and Dehradun by roads. There are also regular train services between Ramnagar and Varanasi, New Delhi and Allahabad. The Phoolbagh airport at Pantnagar and the Delhi International Airport are the closest airports to the reserve.

Tourist information
Address: Corbett National Park, Ramnagar, Nainital, Uttaranchal, 244715
Phone: 097 17 327225
Hours: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Best time: mid-November to mid-June

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