When you are asked to write about yourself try to include some of the following points:

1. Your name
2. Whether you are a boy or girl
3. Your age
4. Where you live
5. Which class you study

6. Which school you go to
7. If you have brothers and sisters
8. If you have any pet
9. If you have your parents
10. What your parents do

11. Your relationship with your parents
12. If you have grandparents and your relationship with them
13. If you like to read story books
14. Which games you like, if you like
15. What you enjoy most

16. anything else that you want to include to make your essay different from others


I am called Mita Bose in school (write your own name here). At home others call me Mitu. Only my father calls me Minta. I like my name. I am a girl. I am seven years old. I have a little brother called Mitesh. I study in class 3. The name of my school is Arked Academy (write your own school name). I live in Salt Lake. My parents love me. I love them too. My mother tells me stories. My father teaches me various games. I like to play basketball but cannot net the ball. It is too high for me. I want to grow tall like my father. I go to my grandparents on Sundays. I enjoy their company. My granny cooks lovely food for me and grandpa tells me about plants. He teaches me how to take care of the garden. I love them very much. I enjoy my Sundays.

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