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AI am studying at St. Anne's School, which is one among the best schools in the state. It is an English medium school. There are around two thousand students studying at my school. The school has a teaching strength of one seventy five proficient teachers. The school educates students from the primary level till class twelve. It is affiliated to the Indian School Certificate Examinations that conducts ICSE and ISC Examinations for classes ten and twelve respectively. The teachers are very qualified, cooperative and proficient in their subjects. Our Principal is a visionary and a very educated person with many years of teaching experience.

The school was founded in the year 1931. The founder of the school is Mr. Davidson, who established the school with the help of five governing body members and his wife. He named the school after his wife. The school was a built on a plot of land but has undergone a number of changes as the years have gone by. Today, the school building is beautifully painted yellow with borders of red. The school building stands out elegantly making its presence felt in the hearts of the students, staff and teachers. There is a big field where children can play and recreate themselves.

My school follows a Monday to Friday curriculum and has seven periods every day. The duration of each period is forty minutes. School begins at 8:15 a.m. in the morning and continues till 1:30 p.m. Every class is having three sections except for the preparatory classes that have two sections. There are forty students in each section. The school building is divided into three sections, i.e. the administrative or office section, the teachers' section and the students' section.

The office section houses the school office, computer room and the Principal's Office. The teachers' section comprises of an activity room, academic coordinator's office, teachers and parents meeting room, two teacher's staff rooms and a meeting room. The students' section comprises of classrooms Preparatory to class twelve. There are forty students in each classroom. There are also two computer labs for the students to learn and practice computers. Then there is the library where students can borrow books from time to time. There is also a reading room where students where students can read books and study. Our school is also having an air conditioned audio visual room that is equipped with computers, a projector and sound where students are shown films and presentations. There is also a common room and games room. Staff meetings, practice sessions on several co-curricular activities such as debates, fests, interschool competitions in extempore, elocution, dance, etc. are held here. A good number of activities are also held in the school auditorium which is completely air conditioned. The prize distribution ceremony is held in the school auditorium every year along with the school concert that is a very joyful and exciting event. There is also an examination hall where ICSE and ISC examinations are conducted.

Our school stresses greatly on academics but games and sports is also important aspect. Students of the school display a brilliant performance in the ICSE and ISC board examinations every year. Several inter-school football, cricket, badminton, table tennis competitions etc. are organized every year. Our school has won several medals, cups and shields, which are displayed in the Principal's office. Sports day is also celebrated with grandeur and pomp. Sports practice continues for more than a month; and then on Sports day students accompanied with their parents come to watch the spectacular event, which is filled with several activities and feats. The lighting of the torch ceremony and the march are two of the most acclaimed and exquisite events.

The teachers and students relationship in our school is something wonderful. Teachers are very cooperative and helpful and take personal care of the students. They act as friends, philosophers and guides. The students always find their teachers by their side when they need them. This creates a strong bonding between the students and teachers which makes learning a joyful and interactive experience. I am proud to be a student of my school.

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