My Parents

My father's name is Sanjay Das and my mother's name is Sonali Das. My father's birth place is in Barisal in Bangladesh. My mother hails from Bardhaman. We now live in Lake Town. My father completed his engineering degree from Kolkata and now he is a well known and established engineer. He has his own office at Gariahat. Around ten staff-members work under him in his office. He is a very respectful person and everybody loves and respects him. He is very hardworking, responsible and sincere about his work. He loves and cares about us a lot.

My mother is a very charming and kind hearted lady. She is loved by all our relatives and neighbours. She works hard to take care of all our needs. My mother is also a good cook. She always tries to improve her cooking skills. She likes to wear beautiful sarees and salwars. Every day she takes me and brings me back from school. She also helps me with my studies. She does all the household work alone. Sometimes I help her to lay the table. Every night while going to sleep, she tells me bed-time stories.

Every Sunday my parents take me for an outing; sometimes for movies, sometimes to restaurants and sometimes to other places. My parents love me a great deal and I love them too.

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