My Grandmother

Grandmothers are a great blessing for every child. They not only love and protect their grandchildren but also guide and counsel them in every aspect of life. I also have a grandmother. She is my father's mother and is quite old. My grandmother is slim and short and wears spectacles.

Since both my parents work in the office I spend most of my time with her. Every morning she wakes me up from my sleep. Then she helps me to get ready for school. When I come back from school I have my lunch with her. Sometimes in the evening she assists me to do my Bengali lessons. At times when my mother is busy with other work, she cooks food for the family. In many ways she binds our family together.

My grandmother is a very religious lady. Every morning and evening she prays to God for the well-being of our family. She is a very kind and helpful lady. She has helped many people in our neighbourhood. People in our locality revere and love her very much. She is a very intelligent and smart lady. My father told me that she used to work as a teacher when she was young like my mother.

My grandmother is like my second mother. I really love and respect her for what she is. I am truly blessed to have a grandmother like her.

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