My First Day at School

Some of the events of my life have left a great impression in my memory. Some are sweet while some are not so. But one of the fondest of them is my first day at school.

I still remember how I was dressed in my new school uniform with new shoes. My tiny school bag was on my back and the blue water bottle on my shoulder. I was holding my father's hand before entering the green school gate. There was a whole new world waiting for me on the other side. With a lot of fear and anxiety I left my father's hand and stepped inside the school gate. I felt like crying.

I noticed many children standing in line. Some were of my age, while others were elder to me. As soon as I entered a bell rang. Suddenly an elderly lady came up to me and asked me my name. She was very gentle, polite and had a motherly smile on her face. Then she took me by my hand and put me in one of the lines. Later I realized it was the LKG section. The lady was my class teacher.

After sometime we were taken to a room which was very bright and well decorated with pictures, nursery rhymes and drawings. This was my classroom. My class teacher spoke to us and began teaching us nursery rhymes. Some of the rhymes were known to me such as 'Humpty Dumpty' and 'Jack and Jill'. Slowly I started getting used to my surroundings. There were many other boys along with me in the classroom. I had a partner as well. He became my good friend.

All my fears had suddenly vanished by the end of the day. I had already made some friends by then. I got used to something new - the school bell ringing from time to time. Eventually my teacher told us it was time to go home. We all ran down the stairs in excitement. I saw my father waiting for me at the gate. I told him about my experiences on the first day of school. I really enjoyed the experiences on the first day of school that have become my fondest memories.

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