Memorable Day In My Life

Whenever we close our eyes there are many memories that come to our mind. Some of these memories are small and meaningless. While some of them are so enormous and distinct that they continue to leave a permanent mark on our mind. They proffer lessons to us that become one of the basic guidelines in our life. One such event that became a memorable day in my life was my first visit to Shishu Bhavan.

Once our Value Education teacher, Mr. Smith, arranged a visit to Shishu Bhavan, which is an orphanage that is run by the Missionaries of Charity. Missionaries of Charity is a religious congregation of nuns founded by Mother Teresa in 1950. Through this visit, our Value Education teacher wanted to help us realise how unfortunate the children of the orphanage are to get separated or abandoned by their own parents and how fortunate we are to have good parents who take proper care of us. I was then studying in class 9. This visit never interested me as I thought that Shishu Bhavan would be a boring place to visit and there would be nothing much to see. However, my perception soon changed and that day became a memorable day in my life!

It was Tuesday morning when we left for Shishu Bhavan from our school. It was a matter of 2 to 3 hours and we were supposed to be back before the school gave over. We went to the orphanage by our school bus. When we reached there, the Sister-In-Charge of Shishu Bhavan, wished us a good day and offered us some tea and biscuits. After that, she asked one of the sisters to show us round the different areas of the orphanage.

We followed the sister to different areas of the Shishu Bhavan and were greatly moved seeing the condition of the orphans. These orphans were so poor and really lacked several comforts and amenities of life. They were really so unfortunate not to have their own home and their parents. In spite of all their lacking, they seemed to enjoy life and the company of one another to the fullest. We spoke to some of the orphans and it was encouraging to see that they took their studies quite seriously, as it was the only way to make their and their friends' future bright. We, on the contrary, are so privileged to have good parents, good home, quality education, good food, etc. Still, we do not value these privileges and we take our blessings for granted.

We were greatly inspired by the selfless and dedicated services of the nuns of the Missionaries of Charity. We witnessed how well these nuns looked after the orphans with the limited resources that they had. They never grumbled or got angry but served the orphans as children of god. Shishu Bhavan for us was an orphanage but for the orphans and the nuns, Shishu Bhavan was their Home!

This visit was an eye-opener for me and remains a memorable day in my life. It really inspired me to take my life seriously and judiciously make use of my gifts. After the visit, I decided that no matter what I become when I grow up I will always try to support, financially or physically, the orphans of Shishu Bhavan and others that I may come across.

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