Gulf of Kutch Marine National Park - Gujarat

Nestled in the offshore from the south coast of the Gulf of Kutch in Gujarat's Jamnagar district, Gulf of Kutch Marine National Park is the first marine national park of India.

About the park
The area was deemed a national park in 1982. It covers an area of about 458 square kms. The park comprises of an archipelago of 42 islands. Most of these islands are bound by reefs. Karubhar, Pirotan, Poshitra and Narara are the prominent islands. Twice a day, this national park gets flooded by temperamental seawaters. Marine National Park is amongst those rare places in the globe where people can watch corals without having to dive into the water. When the tide recedes to about one to two feet, one can view the mesmerizing world of corals by just walking through the water.

Gulf of Kutch Marine National Park supports a variety of rare habitat which include Coral sponge, Coral lichen, Green sponge, Sea hare, Sea anemones, flamingoes, painted storks, Bonnalia, Shelled mollusks, Dolphins, dugong, ibises, etc. Chowsingha and great Indian bustard are found in certain areas of the park.

The flora comprises of grasses and shrubs, 6 mangrove species, 120 algae species, and numerous herb species.

Reaching there
Narara and Poshitra are the two entry points for visitors. The nearest airport, railway station and bus stand are located in Jamnagar which is about 7 kms from the park. From Jamnagar one can hire a boat from Nava port or Bedi port to reach Gulf of Kutch Marine National Park.

Tourist information
Best time to visit: End of October to February.
Address: Van Sankul, C.F. Office, Nr. Nagnath Road, Jamnagar-360001.
Contact: 0288-2679371 (Chief Conservator of Forest) or 0288 255077 (Deputy Conservator of Forests)
Visiting hours: differs with tidal behavior.

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