Last Minute Study Hacks Before Exams

The final weeks before the exams are not only a time for intense study and revision for the children but also a time of anxiety, stress and many sleepless nights. If you are one of those students who is getting panicky and having sleepless nights before your exams, then you may find the following last-minute study hacks quite useful for you.

Get sound sleep
First and foremost exam hack is to sleep well. Getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep will help in retaining whatever you study. It also helps in recalling information faster. When you study for long stretches without getting proper sleep, the information doesn't get encoded in your brain. Avoid waking up earlier than usual to study. This may interfere with the rapid-eye-movement that aids memory.

Revising before bedtime
Our brain is most active when we sleep. When we are sleeping, our brain reorganises and consolidates all the information that it has gathered throughout the day. Whatever you study just before going to sleep gets the top priority. Even many researches have proved that children tended to remember their lessons better if they learned them shortly before a good night's sleep, instead of in the morning, before 12 hours of being awake.

Learn by chunking
According to an instructor of one of the world's largest online course, chunking is the mother of all learning techniques. Children tend to remember things better when they learn related topics in small chunks. So break up the content into small, meaningful chunks, instead of cramming all the details of a topic into your heads at one go.

Keywords for flashcards
Flashcards are one of the most common and effective study tools since ages. Create flashcards with small bits of information; box, colour and underline to remember your lessons and get them stored in your memory.

Take regular study breaks
Taking regular study breaks will help to keep you stay focused and motivated in your studies. It will also assist your brain to absorb more information. Any new information after 1 hour 30 minutes does not get assimilated into the brain. So it is advisable to take a 10-minute study break after every 1 hour of study. This may include drinking a glass of water from kitchen, stand in the balcony to take in some fresh air, just close your eyes and stretch your body etc. However, avoid taking premature breaks as it will make you lose track of what you studied.

Speak out your lessons loudly
This is one of the most effective last-minute study hacks for the children. Rather than simply reading your lessons, speak out your lessons loudly. When you hear the words they are better retained. This will enable you to remember better.

Create Mental Associations
The ability to connect your lessons with other things is not the fuel of intelligence and creativity but it helps you to easily remember information. Drawing diagrams of your lessons will create a visual memory in your mind which you can easily recall during your exam.

Group study
Group study not only enhances your confidence level but it also helps in retaining information in your memory for a longer period of time. Group study also helps you to collect new insights to improve your learning experience.

Practice meditation and deep breathing
Practicing meditation and deep breathing while preparing for your exams will not only improve your concentration level but will also help in decreasing your pre-exam stress.

Walk before examination
It has been scientifically proven that walking for 20-minutes before an exam can enhance your cognitive performance by up to 10 percent. Also, doing moderate exercise (20 minutes for children and 30 minutes for adults), before the exam, can boost your cognitive performance by 5 to 10 percent).

There is no doubt that studying hard is the only way to secure good marks in the exams. After all, there are no shortcuts to success. However, the above mentioned tips will go a long way in helping you to prepare and remember your lessons. Some of these last-minute study hacks may work for you and some may not work for you. Just follow what works best for you. Good luck!

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