Kishtwar National Park Jammu-Kashmir, India

Kishtwar National Park is located in the Kishtwar district of Jammu and Kashmir. Nestled in the snow-capped Himalayan mountain ranges, the park is also popularly referred to as Kishtwar High Altitude National Park.

The park was established in 1981 with the sole purpose of safeguarding the snow leopard population. It is bounded by the Kibar Nala catchment in the south, Rinnay River in the north, Marwa River in the west and the chief divide of Great Himalaya in the east.

Coniferous, alpines, scrub forests and meadows are the chief floras of the place. Trees such as spruce, cedar, silver fir and blue fine are predominant in the higher elevation of the park. Walnut, poplar, horse chest-nut, yew, hazel and bird cherry are available in the lower ranges.

Snow leopard and Hangul - a Kashmiri Stag are the important animals of Kishtwar National Park. The other fauna species of the park include Wild Boar, Indian Muntijal, Ibex, Rhesus Macaque, Bharal, Markhor, Himalayan Brown and Black Bear, Musk Deer, etc.

Several enchanting bird species such as Bearded Vulture, Paradise Flycatcher, Griffon Vulture, Golden Oriole, Indian Mynah, White Cheeked Bulbul and Jungle Crow can be sighted here.

The nearest railhead and airport to the park is located at Jammu, which is approximately 58 km away. By bus one has to travel up to Plamer, which is located about 20 kms away from Kishtwar.

General information
Several less expensive rest houses and guest houses are available in and around the park. Good quality hotels and lodges can be found in the Jammu City. House boats are other options for lodging. Trekking and several jungle activities are also conducted for the tourists.

Tourist details
Address: Kishtwar National Park, Forest Block, Jammu and Kashmir -182204, India.
Ideal time of visit: May to October
Major Attractions: Snow Leopard & Hangul.

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