Importance of Discipline

Discipline is all about obedience to our parents, teachers and superior authorities. It means accepting the norms of the society and family without arguing. Discipline also means training of character and mind and developing the habit of obedience and self-control. Importance of discipline can be sensed in every field of life.

In the universe that we live in, there is a sense of order and discipline among all the creations of God. The sun and moon rises and sets according to a particular time. The planets move in their own assigned pathway, known as orbit, without colliding with one another. All the animals, plants, birds and insects too exist by following a discipline. Only man, who is bestowed with a thinking mind, finds it difficult to lead a disciplined life.

Discipline is of two types - induced discipline and self-discipline. Induced discipline is the one that has been imposed by outside authority, e.g. our teachers, parents, office managements, society, etc. It is often related with force and authority. Self-discipline is the one which comes from within a person. Getting up early in the morning to pray or exercise, following a strict diet, being punctual in school, college or office, etc. are examples of self-discipline.

Every individual, specially the students, need to understand the importance of discipline in their lives. Discipline helps us to stay determined and focus on our goals and objective. It teaches us to lead a lifestyle that helps us in achieving those goals. It teaches us to like what we do and not doing what we like. For instance, sportsmen need to train regularly and rigorously to win competitions, etc. A person without discipline is similar to a ship without a rudder, which ends up no where.

It is a wrong idea that discipline jeopardises man's initiative and curbs his freedom. In society different individuals have different impulses and desires. If everyone is permitted to follow their own respective impulses, then there would be chaos and confusion in the society. Through discipline every person learns to live in peace and harmony in the society.

It is for this reason importance of discipline should be inculcated from the childhood itself. For children, discipline starts at home and continues in schools. Disciplined students know how to respect and co-operate with their teachers, peers and friends. They learn and perform better because they are punctual, quiet when required and attentive in class. They also excel in different sports and games because they know how to stand united as a team.

Importance of discipline can also be understood from the fact that disciplined children often grown up as law-abiding and successful citizens of the country.

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