Ideal Society

A society can be defined as a community that comprises people who share different ideas and backgrounds. Every man is a part of some society and every man wants his society to be perfect. An ideal society can be defined as a society where every individual is self content and lives a healthy and peaceful life.

A society, to be termed as ideal, needs to fulfill certain criteria. First of all, an ideal or perfect society should have equality among men. Every man in the society should be treated equally, irrespective of their background or physicality. The rich and the powerful should not dominate the poor and the helpless. In an ideal society people are not judged by their financial status or appearances.

In a perfect society every religion should be equally respected and everyone is free to practice his/her religion without any fear. There should not be any collision among the followers of different religious faith but everyone stays together in harmony.

Selflessness, care and love among the people are other important features of an ideal society. In a perfect society man does not live for himself but lives for others. The individuals do not work for their own benefit but for the benefit of the entire society.

Perfect government is also an essential requirement of an Ideal Society. The government of a perfect society should be efficient and respect the freedom, rights and liberties of its citizen. It should be fair and unbiased in all its decision makings.

Proper health and health care is another important hallmark of a perfect society. Adequate measures should be taken by the government to ensure that citizens are kept healthy and free from diseases. All the people should have access to proper health care facilities, irrespective of their background.

The environment in a perfect society is always clean and free from pollution. The water bodies are crystal clean and people are not afraid of taking bath in them. The air is also free of toxic matters and one could casually lie down all day in the sun without having to worry about getting infected with skin diseases. The ambiance is always pleasant and people can easily go out for picnic, travelling, adventure sports, nature studies, etc.

In the real world, no society is perfect. Every society has certain ambiguities and limitations. It is only when we succeed in overcoming these loopholes and limitations, does the society become an ideal society.

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