Holi - Festival of Colour

Holi is the festival of colours. It is celebrated all over India mainly by the Hindus. It takes place in the spring. It is celebrated because Holika had a boon given by Lord Shiva that she will never burn in fire. But when she sat on fire with Prahlad, he was alive but Holika was burnt due to Prahlad's love for god.

In this festival children enjoy themselves very much. They play with colour, 'abeer', 'pichkaris', water pistols, balloons, etc. In the meantime their elders cook delicious meal of delectable gastronomic food. In Santiniketan Holi or Doljatra is celebrated every year in a very big way.

This day is a great favourite for children. Most people enjoy and love Holi very much! It is a lot of fun. Holi is also my favourite festival.

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