Hawkers are those persons who offer goods for sale in the street or door-to-door. One can easily see hawkers in a train compartment and in the streets of a city and town. Sometimes they are seen carrying the wares in their hands, sometimes on the head and sometimes in a small hand-cart. They sell many different kinds of small items such as soft drinks, pens, sweets, clothes, clips, etc. They use various tricks to attract people to buy their products. Sometimes they enact and sometimes they sing to sell their goods. Their antics are sometimes a pestering affair and sometimes quite humorous. The hawkers do not maintain a shop to sell their wares. This saves them from paying any tax, rent or salary to anyone. Hence, they are able to sell at much cheaper rates than the shopkeepers. The hawkers have to really work hard for a living. During rainy seasons they have a tough time in the open.

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