Every day you drink and use water for washing. Do you really need water every day?

As soon as I get up in the morning I brush my teeth and wash my face with water. Then I drink a glass of water. A little later I drink a hot cup of tea made with water. After a while I go to the washroom, use the toilet and flush it. I wash myself too. Then I take a bath with warm water mixed with cold water. I get ready for school. My mother serves me rice and pulses cooked and fish curry. Cooking needs water as well. The fish is washed clean with water and the vegetables are boiled in water. I carry a bottle of water to school to drink when I am thirsty. Whenever I use the school toilet I remember to flush it with water to leave it clean for the next user. When I return home again I take a bath with water and freshen up myself. The whole day I drink about four bottles of water. My mother says it is good to drink water and keep myself clean the whole day. During the festival of Holi I play with colour mixed in water and sometimes we fill small balloons with the coloured water and throw at each other playfully.

If I do not use water then how will I brush my teeth and wash myself to remain clean. How will I flush the toilet after use? What will I drink when I am thirsty? My mother says soft drinks are not good for health. How will my mother cook food for us? How will I play with colours during Holi if I do not use water?

Of course I need water the whole day, every day. Water is very important to keep the surrounding and myself clean. I have to use water. There is no other alternative to water.

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