Digital India Initiative

Digital India initiative is a programme that was started by the Indian Government with the objective of making all the government services electronically available to citizens by enhancing the Internet connectivity and the online infrastructure. This initiative was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 1st July, 2015. The program also aims to bring big investments in the technology sector of India and bridge the digital segment of the country.

Through Digital India Programme the Indian Government aims to create jobs for 18 lakh people and bring investment of around Rs. 4.5 lakh crore in the country. The government will look to benefit both the consumers and the service providers by developing a two-way platform. The programme will be supervised and managed by the Digital India Advisory group which will be lead by India's Ministry of Communications and IT.

For effective implementation of the Digital India initiative, the program has been divided into following three parts:
The creation of digital infrastructure
Delivering services digitally
Digital literacy

1 Through the Digital India package the Indian Government looks to bring about nine different revolutions in the country. These are expounded below in the following paragraphs:

2 Government intends to lay national optical fibre network in all 2.5 lakh gram panchayats. The government plans to provide nationwide information infrastructure by March 2017.

3 Digital India initiative aims to enhance the processes and delivery of different government services through e-Governance with payment gateway, UIDAI, EDI and mobile platforms. It also intends to deliver the school certificates, voter ID cards, etc. online.

4 The initiative also looks to provide internet services to almost 2.5 lakh villages by March 2017 and 1.5 lakh post offices in the coming two years.

5 The programme also focuses on providing electronic services to people related with education, health, farmers, security, justice and financial inclusion through e-Kranti services.

6 Through Digital India initiative Indian Government aims to increase network penetration and mobile connectivity in all villages by 2018.

7 As a part of the drive the Government is focusing on zero imports of electronics by setting up smart energy meters, mobile, micro ATMs, consumer and medical electronics.

8 Establishing Wi-Fi facilities in all universities across the nation is also a part of the Digital India Programme. Under the programme e-mail would be made the main mode of communication.

9 The Government looks to make all information easily available to the citizens through online hosting of data.

10 Another important initiative of Digital India is to establish BPO sectors in North-Eastern States. By 2020 the programme intends to train around 1 crore students from villages and small towns for the IT sector.

Top CEOs from within the country and also abroad fully welcomed and supported the Digital India initiative of Prime Minister Narendra Modi by committing to invest a whopping US$68 billion (Rs 4.5 lakh crore) towards the cause. Even the people of India welcomed this initiative whole heartedly by making Digital India Tricolour DP as their profile picture in a social media.

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