Caught in a Metro Snag

It was a Monday and life is always hectic at the beginning of the week. I was getting ready to go to school. Usually my carpool reaches me to school. But today, the carpool didn't turn up; so my father decided to drop me to school via the Metro. We thought it would be convenient and fast, but it was just one of those days when things don't go right. Well, it was the first time ever I was actually caught in a metro snag!

Around one thousand metro commuters experienced a terrible ordeal on 23rd June 2013. I reached the Dum Dum Metro Station and boarded the train at around 7:15 am. I was confident that I would reach school well in time. I would be getting down at the Park Street metro station. The journey started off well when suddenly there was a power failure and the train came to a halt with a sudden jerk. The lights and fans went off as well and we for a moment became a bit panicky.

It was gradually becoming suffocating and for a while it seemed that we were cut off from the rest of the world stuck in a tunnel. Some passengers tried to break open the doors and windows for some relief. In a while some fainted in the compartment. People were screaming and shouting for help. We had no information at all as to what was happening or if any metro personnel were on the way for help.

We remained like this for about an hour when eventually a rescue team came and finally evacuated the passengers who were really annoyed for the discomfort and anxiety. They shouted at the railway authorities for their in rescuing the anxious passengers. They claimed that metro snags were on the rise and maintenance standards should be improved.

I reached school an hour late. Fortunately I was allowed to attend class on account of my plight. As for myself I would have to reconsider travelling to school by Metro. This was one incident I shall always remember about being caught in a metro snag.

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